Top 10 Most Romantic Disney Movies

Top 10 Most Romantic Disney Movies

When Disney characters aren’t going on adventures, fighting for their dreams, or breaking out into a song and dance number, they can usually be found in the middle of some romantic moments that will make any viewer swoon.

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From princes and princesses to high school sweethearts, from puppy love to swooning robots, Disney always brings some ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey romance to the forefront of their films in the form of charming dates, thoughtful gifts, or happily ever afters.

The Little Mermaid – Prince Eric’s Boat Date

It just might be everyone’s dream to go on a romantic boat date with their love, surrounded by friendly fish and a singing crab. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel got to experience just that thanks to Eric — and her animal sidekick Sebastian.

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Ariel and Eric hold hands and look into each other’s eyes glistening in the reflection of the water as Sebastian not-so-subtly sings “Kiss The Girl” in hopes Ariel will get a kiss goodnight from her date.


Beauty And The Beast – Beast’s Ballroom Dance

Beast definitely had a thing or two to learn about romance from Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts, but when the moment arrived, he knew exactly how to woo Belle on their first date in the castle.

With Beast in his dinner attire and Belle in her yellow gown, Beast offers Belle his hand, and the two head onto the ballroom’s dance floor for their first dance while Mrs. Potts sings the title song in this memorable Beauty and the Beast moment.

Aladdin – Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride

In one of Disney’s most swoon-worthy moments, while taking Jasmine on a date, Aladdin really ups the romance game — literally.

With his Prince Ali persona and the help of his flying magic carpet friend, Aladdin takes Jasmine soaring, tumbling and freewheeling among the clouds as they sing their famous duet of “A Whole New World.”

Tangled – Flynn Rider’s Lantern Viewing

It took a lot more than his smolder to win Rapunzel over, but Flynn managed to give her everything she ever dreamed of during this romantic musical number from Tangled.

Similar to The Little Mermaid, the two ride along the water in a boat and sing their duet of “I See The Light” while Rapunzel finally gets to see those floating lanterns gleam up close instead of from afar in her tower.

High School Musical 2 – Troy’s End-Of-School Gift

Being one of Disney Channel’s most iconic couples, Troy and Gabriella have had several romantic moments throughout the High School Musical trilogy, from their very first duet of “Start of Something New” to their rooftop dance in High School Musical 3.

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The one that tops them all is Troy’s end-of-school gift for his girlfriend in High School Musical 2 when he tells Gabriella to turn around and surprises her by wrapping a necklace around her neck, a red-studded pendant of the letter T (as in Troy).

Princess And The Frog – Ray’s Song For Evangeline

Leave it to Disney to make everyone feel for a firefly, but that’s exactly what they do when it comes to Ray and Evangeline in Princess and the Frog.

Ray tells Tiana and Naveen all about the love of his life, Evangeline, who is revealed to be a glowing star in the sky. Ray sings a song to her that he named after her, and eventually gets to join her in the sky after he passes.

Wall-E – Eve Kisses Wall-E

In Disney and Pixar films, anything and anybody can find love, even sentient robots. Much like Sleeping Beauty, it’s a simple kiss that sparks a relationship in Wall-E.

When Wall-E gets reset at the end of the film and doesn’t seem to remember Eve and their growing love for each other, the only thing to cure him is a kiss from Eve that snaps him back to his personality, giving the two robots a happily ever after.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Sings To Sally

One of the most popular, Halloweentime couples comes from this spooky-turned-merry Tim Burton film by Walt Disney Pictures, and is home to a romantic ending.

After a movie-long crush on Jack Skellington, Sally’s dream comes true when Jack finally notices her sitting on that famously-curled mountaintop and sings to her before the two finally share a kiss at the very end of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Lady And The Tramp – Lady And Tramp’s Dinner Date

Lady and Tramp’s spaghetti date has gone down in history as one of the most romantic movie moments, as well as turned spaghetti into a memorable film food.

Complete with a set table and candlelight, the two pooches share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, leading to the classic scene where the two eat the same strand of spaghetti, ending with their lips meeting.

Up – The Entire Opening Montage

The simultaneously most romantic and emotional moment in Pixar history goes to the opening montage of Up.

Despite its ups and downs and sad ending, the montage shows Carl and Ellie in every couple’s dream life — cute dates, a happy marriage, painting their house, and going on adventures as the two grow old together.

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