The Town: Ben Affleck’s Heist Movie Love Letter to Boston

The Town: Ben Affleck’s Heist Movie Love Letter to Boston
The Town: Ben Affleck’s Heist Movie Love Letter to Boston


The crew at the centre of The City resembles a gang of 5 masked robbers who pulled holdups from 1990 to 1995. After a seven-day demo, they were convicted on 54 of 55 counts of theft, including just one which resulted in the death of two armored auto guards. They went to jail due to the fact there were being cracks on the pavement, leaks on the avenue.

“Numerous profession bank robbers threw in the towel and testified in this trial,” Assistant U.S. Lawyer Michael Connolly stated at a news meeting at the time. “So a lot of broke the code, shattered the code. A lot of of them testified that they had grown weary of a lifestyle of thieving, of medicines, of damaged associations.”

Affleck provides the gang its very last hurrah on-display screen. Some thing the character of James (Jeremy Renner), aka Jem, could recognize. Jem would rather fight it out with the regulation than go again to prison. Affleck’s Doug MacRay, the chief of the gang, is the one who’s gotten tired of the lifetime. He’d be content to settle down with his previous hostage, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall). He loves her sufficient not to destroy her, but not enough to testify.

Planning and Manning the Position

Heist movies are crammed with criminals who want to pull one very last big occupation and settle down. Al Pacino’s Sonny in Pet dog Working day Afternoon desires ample dollars to give a greater daily life to his wives. In Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing (1956), a marriage-minded Sterling Hayden potential customers a crew to get down a person past racetrack for $2 million. Affleck’s significant killing in The City is Fenway Park, and about 60 a long time later on, the acquire is the identical. But it even now has to be divvied up among the crew. 

In the historical past of criminal offense, the most effective crew was headed by John Dillinger. He robbed banks but permit the civilians in the banking institutions keep their revenue. Dillinger assembled a crack crew and he himself would hop over the bank booths like a jack-rabbit, for this reason his nickname. He’s been played by Johnny Depp, Warren Oates, and Lawrence Tierney.

Ocean’s Eleven established the cinematic conventional for a heist team. It bundled a mastermind, a distraction, a associate, a coordinator, a backer, hacker, con gentleman, and gadget guy. It also had a scheme so ingenious that Frank Sinatra supposedly regarded as pulling the position in excess of carrying out the film. In Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Canines (1991), the crew experienced coloration-coded names in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Child they wore 10-gallon hats. Each individual huge theft desires an within man, but Within Man (2006), directed by Spike Lee, experienced Clive Owen as a bona fide genius.


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