‘The Lost Daughter’ Ending Explained: Netflix’s New Drama is Open to Interpretation

‘The Lost Daughter’ Ending Explained: Netflix’s New Drama is Open to Interpretation


Warning: This report contains major The Missing Daughter spoilers. That is why you clicked on it, proper?

Netflix has a person previous hat to toss into the award time ring ahead of the yr closes out, and it’s The Dropped Daughter, a new drama that commenced streaming right now. Directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, who also adapted the script from Elena Ferrante’s novel of the same identify, the movie stars Olivia Colman as a lady whose seaside trip results in being an unsettling reminder of her fraught earlier.

The Shed Daughter in the beginning premiered at Venice Movie Festival in September, and so considerably has obtained overwhelmingly optimistic reviews from critics. The entire film simmers with nervousness, and, except if you have read through the e book that it is dependent on, you will be on the edge of your seat just ready for the other shoe to fall for the entirety of its two-hour run-time. When The Misplaced Daughter’s ending ultimately arrives, it could not be the reveal you ended up anticipating. Extra than that, it may induce some discussion amongst your fellow movie viewers.

Blessed for you, Decider is below to support you make sense of it all. Examine on for The Misplaced Daughter plot summary as perfectly as The Misplaced Daughter ending stated.


The movie opens with Olivia Colman stumbling on a darkish seashore with an open up wound. She walks toward the water and collapses. With that striking graphic in our thoughts, we meet up with Colman’s character: a professor named Leda who is on trip on a Greek island. It is not accurately a first-class resort. The apartment the place Leda is keeping is future to a lighthouse that goes off at all hrs, and the complimentary fruit on her kitchen table is rotting. Also, she ordeals vertigo from time to time. But at minimum she has the personal seashore all to herself… until eventually a enormous Greek-American family with a 50 {a804659bb65d18cb4a6dc8e7d034c3e09b42584b41147982650930584377f6e7}-dozen screaming small children change up and disturb her peace.

Leda gets fixated on a youthful mother in the spouse and children named Nina (Dakota Johnson). Watching her, she thinks back again on being a young mother herself, increasing two youthful daughters. In these flashbacks to her 20s, a young Leda is played by Jessie Buckey. In the present working day, Leda will get into a modest confrontation with the American household, which is resolved when Nina extends a gesture of friendship to Leda. As the days move, Leda watches with disapproval as Nina fights with her husband and neglects her kid.

Just one day, Nina loses monitor of her boy or girl, and the entire seashore spreads out to look for her. In the flashbacks, Youthful Leda phone calls for her daughter, who is also shed on a seaside. In the present working day, Leda finds Nina’s lady and brings her back to her spouse and children, safe. The spouse and children is grateful, but the very little girl is still upset since she dropped her doll. Leda recollects that she applied to have a doll like that when she was tiny. When she gets back to her auto at the finish of the day, we see that Leda took the small girl’s doll on objective.

In the flashbacks once more, we see how substantially Leda struggled to care for her two daughters. They cry and desire focus, and she loses her persistence. Her children’s father (Jack Farthing) is an ambitious tutorial, just like her, and doesn’t provide much enable. He goes on get the job done journeys, leaving her by itself, and her endurance with her young children wears even thinner. She yells and slams doorways. There are satisfied reminiscences also, but they are scarce. Younger Leda and her partner go on a holiday with their ladies, and are visited by backpackers who are passing by. The male backpacker has young young children that he still left powering to hike all over the environment with his new girlfriend. Leda asks the girlfriend how the backpacker’s girls are performing with no him, and the girlfriend replies they are boys, not women.

In the present working day, Nina and her spouse and children are still wanting for the doll. Leda has supper with the resort caretaker, Lyle (Ed Harris). Lyle sees that she has the doll, but doesn’t remark on it. Nina goes as much as to put up fliers for the lacking doll, since her daughter is so upset. Leda’s stress and anxiety builds as she waits for Lyle to rat her out, but he does not. Also, Leda discovers Nina is obtaining an affair with a young man named Will (Paul Mescal), who performs at the resort. Nina’s partner is extremely controlling and practically absolutely is in the mafia.

In the flashbacks, young Leda gets an chance to existing her paper at a conference and leaves her girls with a sitter. There, Leda begins an affair with a different academic. In the present day, it is obvious that Leda sees herself and her very own lifetime mirrored in Nina.



Leda and Nina share a sweet second in which Leda provides Nina a hairpin to maintain her hat in place. Leda confesses to Nina why she does not want to talk about elevating her daughters: For the reason that she remaining them for three many years when her oldest daughter was 7 and the youngest was 5. She was fed up and confused, so she remaining, leaving her husband and her mother to get treatment of them right up until she came back again, a few yrs later.

In the current day, Leda tries to dry out the water-logged doll that she stole. Will corners Leda, and asks if he and Nina could borrow Leda’s apartment to have sex. Leda tells him she would like to speak to Nina. Nina arrives up to Leda’s apartment, in which Leda provides her the keys to the condominium and also returns the doll. She confesses that she took it and that she was “just participating in.” Nina does not acquire this nicely. She grabs the doll and storms off. When Leda attempts to insist that Nina take the keys and use the condominium, Nina stabs Leda in the tummy with the gifted hairpin, and tells her she greater check out her back.

That night, Leda packs her bags and drives her rental motor vehicle absent from the vacation resort. Emotion out of it, she drives off the road. She stumbles out of her car and collapses on the beach—aka replaying the opening scene. The up coming morning, Leda wakes up on the ocean shoreline. Sitting on the seaside, she phone calls her daughter Bianca, who comes about to be with her other daughter, Martha. Bianca tells she’s been seeking to get in contact with her, and that she assumed she was dead. Leda replies that she is alive, and then discovers an orange in her hands. She listens to her daughters communicate as she peels the orange “like a snake,” the way she employed to do for her ladies when they were being tiny. With that, the film ends.


It’s really hard to say. The Shed Daughter movie ending is a slight improve from how the book by Elena Ferrante finishes. In the novel, Leda wakes up in the medical center immediately after the auto crash, and she tells her daughters on the mobile phone, “I’m useless, but I’m fantastic.” In this article, Leda tells her daughters she is alive—but she also mysteriously, instantly is keeping a properly fantastic orange, and does not question in which it arrived from. It’s the type of odd detail that just about feels supernatural, which could possibly imply that Leda died on the seaside from her stab wound. But, on the other hand, she claims out loud that she is alive.

If you want to dig even deeper—get even additional metaphorical—you can consider of the motif of fruit in The Lost Daughter as young children on their own, or “the fruit of the womb,” so to converse. The fruit that Leda finds in her rental is rotten, but the orange on the beach front is in perfect situation. Most likely you can see this as Leda forgiving herself allowing go of her guilt, for leaving her young children, realizing that they turned out Ok.

To make a very long tale small: The Missing Daughter ending is open up to interpretation. Probably you feel Leda died on that seaside. Personally, I assume she lived, and that the in close proximity to-dying practical experience has finally woken her up. Perhaps the orange is a sign from a greater power. Or perhaps not. I’m largely just relieved none of the young ones died. Phew!

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