The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) Revisited: Action Movie Review

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) Revisited: Action Movie Review


When you are doing a video collection like Reel Action, you can never go way too prolonged devoid of mentioning Shane Black. And when it will come to Christmas action movies, Shane Black is the man to turn to. The holiday spirit introduced us our movie on The Very last Boy Scout last yr, and this time the yuletide tidings convey us a further Shane Black classic, The Long Kiss Goodnight!

It is amusing that we never consider of The Prolonged Kiss Goodnight as a Christmas movie, the way we famously argue about Die Challenging all of the time. But which is alright. For fellas like me, and likely you if you’re seeing this video clip, it’s definitely an annual most loved around this time. The movie starred Geena Davis as Samantha Kane, a small-city schoolteacher who woke up with amnesia 8 decades in the past. With no memory of who she was, she nevertheless manages to build a life with a loyal spouse and young daughter. That is until finally she discovers that she was truly a single of the world’s greatest assassins, and she’s getting hunted by her previous companies. The only way to preserve herself and her relatives is to hit the street with dubious non-public eye Mitch Hennessy, performed by the untouchably neat Samuel L. Jackson, and find out the reality about her earlier. We’ll appear again to why Samuel L. Jackson is so untouchable in this film a little bit later. 

The Long Kiss Goodnight was not just a further motion film. With Geena Davis as the star, participating in a job traditionally designed for a man, the movie was a rarity and a ballsy gamble. Davis also would’ve seemed like an not likely choose for this kind of assassin flick, but then she was married at the time to director Renny Harlin, the male guiding Die Challenging 2, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, and Cliffhanger.

Um, he was also the director of Cutthroat Island, an notorious huge-budget pirate movie identified for remaining an epic box business flop that ruined professions. Davis starred in that, too, and its effect on The Lengthy Kiss Goodnight would be felt and not in a superior way.

But The Long Kiss Goodnight is insanely great, with Harlin performing some of his career’s very best work, employing the icy environment to enable Davis pull off some actually nuts things on ice skates. Tonya Harding ain’t acquired nothin’ on her!

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