The Delta Force (1986) Revisited: Action Movie Review

The Delta Force (1986) Revisited: Action Movie Review

When terrorism strikes and Individuals overseas are in threat, the Delta Drive will come to the rescue. Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin preserve an oddball forged of seventies character actors in this odd but slick catastrophe movie/ motion flick mashup – so leap on your rocket-powered motorcycle, feather your mullet and get ready to experience with The Delta Power!

If you’ve been seeing Reel Action or any of our collection here on JoBlo Originals, you’ve undoubtedly listened to of The Cannon Group. In the 1980s, Cannon, operate by Israeli cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, had been the experts in B-motion movies. Made on the cheap, these films experienced better production values than other exploitation film equipment from that era, these as the non-quit onslaught of action coming from Italy or the Philippines. They had been authentic videos and flicks like their Ninja trilogy, which include Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja and Ninja III the Domination, moreover the American Ninja series and, of class, Breakin’, manufactured a good deal of income for comparatively minimal overhead. 

Nonetheless, in the mid-eighties, the Go-Go Boys, as they ended up less than affectionately termed by the Hollywood push, experienced more substantial aspirations, signing on directors like Jean-Luc Goddard and John Cassavetes to make artwork movies. Some of these motion pictures, this kind of as Andrei Konchalovsky’s Runaway Practice, had been basically excellent – like LEGIT very good, not “good for a Cannon motion picture.” 

1 these types of movie is Menahem Golan’s The Delta Power, from 1986, which was one of Cannon’s largest films to day. Primarily based on the hijacking of TWA Flight 847, the film melds efficient docudrama fashion with in excess of-the-major Hollywood fantasy, as the second 50 {a804659bb65d18cb4a6dc8e7d034c3e09b42584b41147982650930584377f6e7} of the film imagines a Delta Pressure raid that by no means occurred and appears to be loosely based mostly on the real-life Raid on Entebbe, which Golan himself manufactured a film out of named Procedure Thunderbolt.

Sign up for us as we look again at The Delta Drive on this version of Reel Action, which is composed and narrated by Travis Hopson, edited by EJ Tangonan, and manufactured by Chris Bumbray and Adam Walton. View prior episodes under and let us know what you believe of The Delta Pressure! out