The Best Action Sequences In Cinema History, According To Reddit

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The Best Action Sequences In Cinema History, According To Reddit

The term “action” is pretty broad when it comes to movie scenes, and it’s very open to interpretation too, as it could mean hand-to-hand combat, an epic shootout, or a thrilling chase scene.

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Because there are so many different ways the term could be interpreted, it has left hundreds of Redditors weighing up very different scenes when it comes to the thought of the best movie action sequence. Whether it’s a gravity-defying fight scene, a slow-burning border crossing sequence, or a simple fight in a kitchen, Redditors have some great picks.


The Bank Heist And Shootout – Heat

Heat 1995

Heat is about a gang of expert bank robbers, and the whole movie is leading up to the biggest job of their careers. Muroks1200 is quick to point out one of the most intense, thrilling, and realistic action sequences ever, which starts from when they enter the bank and ends after the biggest movie shootout ever. It’s part of the reason why it’s Michael Mann’s best movie.

The shootout is even so realistic that, according to Esquire, it’s often used to teach U.S. Marine recruits how to handle such a situation. The Redditor also notes that they “can hear the music as McCauley and company enter the bank.” The music was composed by Elliot Goldenthal, and it just adds to the hair-raising tension of the scene.

The Border Crossing Scene – Sicario


Sicario is full of intense action scenes, whether it’s the highway scene or the opening explosion. But Shawtywantarockstar thinks it’s the border crossing scene that’s one of the best action sequences ever. The Redditor remembers watching it for the second time, saying that it was such a “stressful scene even when I knew the outcome.”

The border crossing can barely even be called an “action” scene, as it’s so slow-paced. But that’s what makes it one of the best, as the tension builds and builds until audiences are almost having heart palpitations. And the scene is unique because, though the cinematography isn’t the most important when it comes to action, it’s imperative in this sequence, as part of it is shot in night vision.

The Parkour Chase – Casino Royale

Now that Daniel Craig’s James Bond series is all wrapped up, he has left fans with a ton of huge action sequences, many of which are surprisingly realistic and gadget-less for the 007 franchise. According to Canadiansuperhuman, the best of them is the very first time audiences saw Craig in action, as he jumps between cranes hundreds of feet about the ground.

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The Redditor claims that they “couldn’t think of a better way to introduce Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond.” And the scene acted as a sort of mission statement for the franchise, promising a more grounded Bond. And while the series kept its promise, none have managed to beat the opening Casino Royale scene.

The Bank Heist – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight bank robbery Joker

Ironically, the opening scene in The Dark Knight owes a lot to the huge bank heist in Heat, as it’s clearly influenced by the 1995 crime thriller. Geecue calls it “one of the best sequences ever.” Though the most talked about thing of the scene is the Joker’s big reveal, the way it cuts between each of the Joker’s minions all doing their part for the heist is effortless.

And with it being shot on an IMAX camera as the Joker’s crew zipline between buildings, there are few action sequences more sweeping and epic. Even though the Joker driving out of a giant hole of the bank in a school bus without anybody noticing makes no sense, it’s still so fun to watch.

The Computer Hacking Scene – Mission: Impossible

Now seven films in and with an eighth one just around the corner, there are so many huge action scenes in the Mission: Impossible series. The stunts get bigger with each movie, whether it’s the plane jump in Rogue Nation or the helicopter chase in Fallout, but the series came from relatively humble beginnings.

Queenw_hipstur reminds users of the scene in the now 25-year-old movie, where Ethan Hunt glides from the ceiling into the middle of a room. They ask, “how do you make an entire theatre gasp when a drop of sweat comes off someone?” It’s easy to forget that a small intense scene like the one in Mission: Impossible can have as much impact as one with a budget of tens of millions of dollars.

The Kitchen Fight – Raid 2

John Wick popularized “gun-fu,” the movie fighting style that combines martial arts with expert weaponry skills, and it influenced a whole slew of other similar movies. However, The Raid did it first, and Raid 2 turned the intense, brutal fight scenes up to 11.

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Reddit user Bob_mcd cites the kitchen scene in the sequel as “the pinnacle of one-on-one fight scenes.” The combat in the fight sequence is second to none. And it isn’t simply “really good choreography that the actors have learned,” as there are so many specific little moments in the fight that make audiences genuinely fear for the characters’ lives. Additionally, the use of kitchen utensils as weapons hasn’t been this creative since Gremlins.

The Train Fight – Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2, not to be confused with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or Spider-Man: Far From Home, is known for being the perfect Marvel superhero sequel. It improves on its predecessor in almost every way, especially when it comes to the action scenes.

Epraider refers to the fight scene that fluidly moves from being on top of the train, to inside the train, to in front of the train. It’s precisely shot, sees Doc Ock at his most menacing, and it started the iconic Christ-like shot of Spider-Man, which would be copied in almost every following Spidey movie.

The Hallway Scene – Rogue One

Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One

Where all of the Star Wars movies released since 2015 have heavily relied on fan service, there’s actually a lack of it in Rogue One, which is partly why it’s largely considered the best of the new movies. However, the biggest piece of fan service possible comes at the very end, and it’s the most thrilling and terrifying scene of any Star Wars movie, as Darth Vader starts slicing rebels in half in a dark hallway.

Scleroderma remembers that it was “the only time I ever really gasped during a movie. I watched the movie three more times in the theater just for that scene.” And for that reason, it’s one of the movies best watched as a shared Star Wars experience, as hearing the audience’s reaction is all part of the fun.

The Gravity-Shifting Hallway Scene – Inception

Inception rotating hallway fight behind the scene

Rogue One isn’t the only movie that has an epic action scene in a hallway. It often seems like directors try to outdo each other by making the most exciting hallway scenes possible, as there’s even one in the newly released No Time To Die.

However, Reasonable_road_7647 doesn’t just think the gravity shifting scene in Inception is the best movie hallway scene, but the best overall action scene. The Redditor explains that the scene “feels so effortless and organic,” and that’s partly thanks to the way that Christopher Nolan is so dead-set on always using practical effects.

The Freeway Chase – The Matrix Reloaded

Morpheus on a transport truck in The Matrix Reloaded

With the release of the fourth movie in the series, The Matrix Resurrections, it’s worth looking back at the original trilogy. And though the sequels didn’t get the best reception in 2003, The Matrix Reloaded is only “bad” compared to its Matrix predecessor.

The narrative might be too convoluted, but some of its action scenes are better than the ones in the original. One of the best sequences in the movie starts with an epic, gravity-defying fight scene in a grand hall and ends with the thrilling freeway chase. Of all the Redditors who love the scene, Cronstintein puts it best by saying that it’s “bonkers in the best possible way.”

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