The 15 Best Animated Movies of 2021

The 15 Best Animated Movies of 2021


We rank the best animated movies of 2021, celebrating the usual suspects as perfectly as some unsung gems. From Pixar to Neon, it was a wild a single.

The 15 Best Animated Movies of 2021

By Brad Gullickson · Released on December 23rd, 2021

This post is portion of our 2021 RewindFollow along as we check out the greatest and most exciting films, displays, performances, and additional from this very strange 12 months. In this entry, we examine the biggest animated motion pictures of 2021.

Analyzing past year’s position of the Best Animated Films, it is clear we experienced to do a minor excess digging to obtain our favorites. We all know the drill by now: movies we have been anticipating had been delayed to this calendar year, which brought about us to plunge a minimal deeper into the art sort and take a look at corners that could possibly have beforehand gotten blocked by the studio giants. As a end result, we discovered some unique, unshakable gems that are continue to rattling around our creativeness.

In 2021, the slate was considerably less grim. Most of the predicted arrivals … arrived. Phew. Whilst not all, we’re nevertheless waiting around on The Bobs Burgers Film, Minions: The Increase of Gru, and a couple of other people. But we didn’t want to shed that perception of discovery. We nonetheless wanted to go achieving in the animated areas commonly neglected. For that motive, as soon as yet again, when assembling 2021’s ideal-of checklist of animated movies, I thought of the animated limited sort on the similar amount as the attribute film.

Evaluating the characteristic to the limited is not a cheat. Frankly, it is much more sincere. Quite a few of this year’s biggest animated endeavours were being attained in the small kind, and a handful of of them ended up saddled inside of anthology series like Star Wars: Visions and Pixar’s Small Circuit. Dems the facts.

The animated movies you’re anticipating to uncover under are there. They may well or could not be in the rating you would visualize or agree with, but they are there, and I like them. What’s most remarkable for me, although, are the motion pictures listed that may perhaps be absolutely unfamiliar to you. Be sure to seek out out these minimal beauties. They could use your eyes, and a rewarding future awaits if you do come across them.

15. Robin Robin

Best Animated Films Robin Robin


This 12 months, Aardman Animations developed two Xmas specials, the two of them at present streaming on Netflix. Shaun the Sheep: The Flight of Christmas is a delight and will obtain what you want it to realize. And possibly it belongs on this listing, but Robin Robin requires the edge since layout-smart, it looks like it feels: warm and fuzzy.

Directors Mike Make sure you and Dan Ojari are new to the Aardman game, and they add a unique vibe to the studios’ stupendous creativity. Alternatively than go the conventional claymation route or their CGI equal, Remember to and Ojari press the handcrafted seem even further, creating figures from needle-felt.

It is your grandma’s cabinet come to existence. The characters’ distinct visual appeal promptly endears you to their journey, which includes a robin raised by mice trying to pinch a star from atop a Christmas tree. It also can help to have people voiced by Richard E. Grant and Gillian Anderson. They carry the gravitas to the cozy experience.

14. Ron’s Absent Incorrect

Best Animated Movies Rons Gone Wrong

20th Century Studios

Soon, children will not be equipped to function with out their B*Bots. They are iPhones cranked to 11, synthetic buddies that know almost everything about you and the earth you occupy. Right after begging for an eternity, Barney’s dad last but not least caves to his child’s will, but the ‘bot he acquires is a tiny off.

Barney’s B*Bot — named Ron — is a lightly damaged, deal-basement version, and his algorithm is busted. Chaos reigns from there. Rons Absent Wrong is not fairly a vicious attack on our adherence to technology, but it carries more than enough chunk to make ya come to feel unfortunate just after each individual punchline. And I take pleasure in that.

13. Namoo

Namoo Short Film

Baobab Studios

Erick Oh‘s latest animated small was created applying the VR animation device Quill. It was created to be considered as a regular two-dimensional narrative on a screen or in a 360-diploma virtual truth setting. The little circular plot of cartoon land it depicts feels like a hug or a noose based on your temper, which most likely relies upon on what phase of the film you are living that second.

Namoo is a start-to-loss of life tale, following a painter as he encounters the many joys, sorrows, and doldrums that daily life gives all people. Oh manufactured the film as a response to shedding his grandfather, and it feels like an completely personalized outburst although also running as something beautifully relatable.

Planted at the center of almost everything is a tree, and on its branches, the painter crams what’s significant to him. Looking at life’s blah bits choose above the magnificence of its branches is agonizing, but thankfully, he finally discovers reduction. May possibly we all be so lucky.

12. Batman: Soul of the Dragon

Batman Soul Of The Dragon

Warner Bros. Animation

Batman: Soul of a Dragon is a lot less of a Batman movie and a lot more of a Bruce Lee movie. Warner Bros. Animation did what we wished Marvel did with their Iron Fist sequence. They took an exceptionally problematic character — Richard Dragon — and retooled him for modern day sensibilities — by essentially lifting Bruce Lee’s mindset and combating fashion.

Bruce Wayne normally takes a backseat in this ’70s-set exploitation flick that also attributes meaty rolls for badass supporting players like Bronze Tiger and Woman Shiva. Providing the total vibe is Mark Dacascos (Dragon), Kelly Hu (Shiva), Michael Jai White (Tiger), and James Hong (O-Sensei).

Warner Bros. is frequently cranking out Batman cartoons, and even though The Extensive Halloween caught the most excitement this calendar year, Soul of the Dragon was totally the top-quality flick and calls for your attention. The narrative is a celebration of Bruce Lee’s filmography and philosophy. The hope is that it also serves as a gateway to action masterpieces like Enter the Dragon and The Massive Manager.

11. Dinosaur Barbarian

Dinosaur Barbarian

Walt Disney Animation

Dinosaur Barbarian is the first of 3 micro-shorts from Disney and Pixar’s Small Circuit application that you’ll find on this checklist. The a few-moment delight is a goofy, exuberant reimagining of the most effective and worst ’80s cartoon topic tunes. You know the types: M.A.S.K., Silverhawks, JEM!, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etcetera.

For this spot-on hand-drawn spoof, director Kim Hazel recruited Mondo Boys to score the rocking tune that propels the animation, and they get rid of it so hard. These madmen, following all, are the dudes who scored rad flicks like She Dies Tomorrow and Dave Manufactured A Maze. You will want to look at this quick three times, back-to-again, hold out a minute or two, and then view it all over again. Remarkably addictive cartooning.

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