More Family Adventure Movies to Watch Next

More Family Adventure Movies to Watch Next

What makes a great family movie? Drama, comedy, action? How about all of that plus a side serving of cuteness? Not that you can’t watch a serious movie with the whole family and still have a good time, a generous dose of laughter just makes the movie time exciting. Like Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

A sequel to the 2020 Sonic The Hedgehog, the 2022 movie sees the return of the cute speedy blue creature with double the energy as his adventures continue with new characters and new plots. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 follows the supersonic hedgehog once again stopping his nemesis, Dr. Robotnik from destroying Earth. This time around, Sonic teams up with his old friend, Tails while his mustached-totting adversary finds an unlikely ally in Knuckles.

If the first movie was a huge success, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 broke all kinds box office records and became a bigger hit than its predecessor. And it’s not because of its production value but also because the movie (as well as its predecessor) is entertaining in every way. There’s a bit of drama, comedy, thrill, mystery, and not to mention lots of high-speed action. In other words, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is a great family movie. If you are looking for more such movies to watch, here are our favorite picks that you will enjoy with the whole family.

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The Incredibles

What better movie to watch with the family than a movie about a superhero family? The Incredibles follows ex-superhero parents, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, and their three kids. After superheroes are made to retire to civilian lives, the couple starts living as Bob and Helen Parr. Bored with the mundane suburban lifestyle, Bob secretly takes up missions. When he gets into trouble with a former fan turned super villain, his wife and three kids assume their superhero selves and set out on a mission to save Bob.

Voiced by Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Jason Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, and Elizabeth Peña as main characters, The Incredibles, to simply say, is incredible, in the story, execution, and production. The movie bagged two Academy Awards in 2005 and was followed by a sequel, 14 years later.


Despicable Me

Since we are talking about families, here’s another one. Though a little misfit and brought together by odd circumstances, the family of Gru, Margo, Edith, and Agnes is one of the most adorable that we have seen in animation. Gru (Steve Carell) is a criminal mastermind who adopts three orphans as pawns to plan the biggest heist in the history of human civilization. Gru, with the help of his little, yellow minions, plans to steal a shrink ray gun from his rival, so he can shrink and steal the Moon. But things get emotional and complicated as the girls get attached to him and start seeing him as the father they never had.

Despicable Me turned into a huge media franchise, with spin-offs, multiple sequels, games, merchandise, and a lot more.


A spin-off of Despicable Me, Minions tells the story of Gru’s gang of cronies. The cute and yellow creatures have walked the Earth for millions of years, seeking a master from time to time. Because they cannot function without one. This movie follows the minions on an adventure to find their newest master and finally, at the end of the movie they meet Gru. Their stories continue with a young Gru as their new master in an upcoming sequel, Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Both the Minions movies serve as prequels to the Despicable Me series. Minions features Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan, Jennifer Saunders, and Pierre Coffin as the voices of main characters.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

If food could literally fall from the sky, no one would ever go hungry, right? Unless it becomes a storm and starts destroying the world. Based on the eponymous children’s book by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs features the voices of Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, Andy Samberg, Bruce Campbell, Mr. T, Benjamin Bratt, and Neil Patrick Harris as major characters.

The plot follows Flint Lockwood, an aspiring inventor who invents a machine that can turn into food. Living in a town that survives on sardines, Flint believes his machine could feed people proper food. But the machine gains its own intelligence and starts food storms. Flint and Samantha, his love interest and a weather reporter, together must save the world from gigantic food falling from the sky.

Kung Fu Panda

This is one of the best motivational movies ever made in animation. It’s heartwarming, super fun, and makes you fall in love with Jack Black (all over again).

Kung Fu Panda is the story of the adorable panda, Po. He works in a noodle shop with his adoptive father, a goose, but dreams of fighting with the Furious Five masters of kung-fu. Po accidentally gets selected as the mighty Dragon Warrior, who must fight the evil Tai Lung and save the Valley of Peace. The catch? Po knows nothing about kung-fu and now that his fate is decided, he has to learn it all to be able to fulfill his prophecy.

The multiple-award-winning movie turned into a successful franchise with two sequels, three spin-off television series, video games, short films, and other holiday specials.

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Can a super villain ever become a hero? You have to watch Megamind find out if they do and how. The plot follows an intelligent alien, who is also a super villain called Megamind. He gets depressed after he defeats his arch-enemy, Metro Man, and finds no more purpose. So, he creates a new superhero from the Metro Man’s DNA, so he can fight him again. But there’s a glitch in the new hero. Instead of a superhero, he turns out to be a villain, much more dangerous than what Megamind could have ever dreamed of being. So, the big-brained supervillain has to shed his villainous persona and become a hero to stop his new nemesis.

Megamind features Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and Brad Pitt in voicing the vibrant batch of characters. Though the movie got overshadowed by other popular titles released in the same year, the film has since found popularity as one of the more underrated titles from DreamWorks Animation’s library.

Monsters Inc.

This monster comedy film is a shining star in Pixar’s portfolio from the 2000s. A story of adorable monsters (and funny) and an even more adorable toddler, Monsters Inc. tells the story of best friends James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, and Mike Wazowski. They work at the Monsters Inc. in Monstropolis and are known as the top scariest monsters in the organization. Their world lives with the principle that human children are toxic. That’s why they scare kids and harvest their screams. One day, accidentally, a little human girl sneaks into the factory and encounters Sulley and Mike. They must return her to her world at any cost but while they manage to do so, Sulley starts to get too attached to her.

Released in 2001, Monster Inc. was one of the first animated films to be nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards and won the Oscar for Best Original Song with “If I Didn’t Have You’ which also went on to win a Grammy.


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