Michael Jai White & Mickey Rourke in Action Film ‘The Commando’

Michael Jai White & Mickey Rourke in Action Film ‘The Commando’


Michael Jai White & Mickey Rourke in Motion Movie ‘The Commando’

by Alex Billington
December 6, 2021
Source: YouTube

Michael Jai White & Mickey Rourke in Action Film ‘The Commando’

“You should not fear, I am constructed for this.” Saban Films has unveiled the official trailer for motion criminal offense thriller The Commando, an additional forgettable formulaic action element to disregard mainly because all of these movies are the exact today. A DEA agent with PTSD returns household right after a botched mission and must now secure his loved ones from a household invasion just after a just lately freed convict and his henchmen appear again for their stash of tens of millions hidden within the agent’s property. “Stakes are substantial and lives are at possibility in this head-to-head battle as the agent stops at almost nothing to guard his relatives against the income-hungry criminals.” Why do they often recycle the very same “safeguard your property since they want the dollars” plot in excess of and in excess of? The Commando stars Mickey Rourke and Michael Jai White, with Jeff Fahey, Brendan Fehr, John Enos III, Donald Cerrone, and Gianni Capaldi. At minimum the action will not search so bad in this movie. Check out out The Commando down below.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Asif Akbar’s The Commando, immediate from YouTube:

The Commando Poster

In this edge-of-your-seat thriller, an elite DEA agent (White) returns residence soon after a unsuccessful mission when his family members tends to make an unanticipated discovery in their residence – a stash of dollars well worth $3 million. They before long confront the threat and menace of a freshly introduced criminal (Rourke) and his crew who will do whatsoever it will take to retrieve the funds – which include even kidnapping the agent’s daughters. Stakes are significant and life are at risk in this head-to-head struggle as the agent stops at absolutely nothing to guard his loved ones in opposition to the revenue-hungry criminals. The Commando is directed by Bangladesh-American filmmaker Asif Akbar, director of the doc Top Priority: The Terror Within, and the movies My Foreign Desh, Road to Las Vegas, Smoke Filled Lungs, Astro, Morbid Tales, and Ace & the Christmas Wonder previously. The screenplay is created by Koji Steven Sakai, from a tale by Al Bravo, Asif Akbar, Koji Steven Sakai. Saban Movies will debut Akbar’s The Commando in pick out US theaters + on VOD beginning January 7th, 2022 ideal immediately after New Calendar year. Any one?

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