Lee Yoo Bi Cast In Romance Movie To Be Filmed Entirely In New York

Lee Yoo Bi has been cast in the upcoming motion picture “Love Affair” (literal title)!

On November 24, it was verified that actress Lee Yoo Bi would be showing in “Love Affair,” directed by Lee Jung Seob. “Love Affair” is a romance movie about a pair who dated and broke up in New York. One of them returns to New York to relive those people memories as happy types rather of staying tainted by the discomfort of their separation, and finds new enjoy in the approach.

Lee Yoo Bi has been cast as Song Yoo Hwa, an aspiring actress. Her co-star, the male guide, is described as a “next-era Hallyu star,” but his identify has not yet been declared.

This will be Lee Jung Seob’s third romance movie soon after “Lost in Love” and “Romantic Island.” It will be filmed totally on place in New York. Director Lee Jung Seob commented, “I required to show the hidden experienced opportunity in actress Lee Yoo Bi, who has generally proven an sincere facet of herself before.”

Filming will get started early future yr.

Catch Lee Yoo Bi in the drama “Yumi’s Cells” down below!

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