Is It Streaming or in Theaters?

It has been twelve years since the release of the last Jackass film and the skateboarding stuntmen are back with more crazy antics, reckless stunts, and unhinged humor in the fourth title film by the fearless jesters, Jackass Forever. With a theme of getting back together with old friends, on-set injuries the first day of filming, reports of broken bones and brain hemorrhages along with cast members stating that this film hurt the most, hopes are that the cautionless clowns of the Jackass cast and crew have made this fourth film as absurd and chaotic as ever.

Jackass Forever commemorates 20 years since the release of the first film, Jackass: The Movie, which was a continuation of the crew’s 3 season show that aired on MTV from 2000 to 2002, featuring body horror games such as “Nutball”, hidden camera pranks like “Golf Course Airhorn”, an alligator tightrope, urban canoeing, wasabi eating contests and more outrageous feats which show creator Johnny Knoxville attributes to his wish for life to function like a cartoon.


The film stars older but not at all wiser franchise favorites Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, Chris “Party Boy” Pontius, Jason “Wee Man” Acuña, Preston Lacy, “Danger Ehren” McGhehey, Dave England, and Loomis Fall, with guest appearances by CKY and original Jackass television series star Chris “Raab Himself” Raab, musician Machine Gun Kelly and comedian and talk show host Eric André to name a few. Jasper Dolphin of Odd Future has been named a new member of the Jackass team, and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, who made cameo appearances in the first two Jackass films, also returns to join in the fun of the fourth film.

With the comedy reboot released on February 4, audiences need to know where they can see their favorite self-proclaimed dum-dums wreak havoc on screen, and we are here to help you find answers to any questions you have about where to watch the fourth fantastically senseless stunt film, Jackass Forever.

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Is Jackass Forever Coming to Theaters?

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Yes! After many delays throughout 2021 due to various lawsuits, Jackass Forever has been released in theaters on Friday, February 4, 2022. If you’re looking to purchase tickets ahead of time, here is a direct link to the film’s website where you’ll be able to find all the information you need about local showtimes. The website will also have information on Fan Events that are taking place alongside early showings, so check and see if there is an event at a theater near you to get an early look at the bullfighting, human-cannonballing, literally-electrifying new film.

With theaters cautiously reopening, you may be asked to socially distance during the film, so it’s a good idea to book your tickets ahead of time in case of smaller audience sizes.

Is Jackass Forever Streaming Online?

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Unfortunately, if you’re looking to stream the reality comedy film from home you are out of luck for now. Paramount Pictures, which is the film’s distributor, plans to release the film in theaters for a limited time before moving the movie to its streaming service Paramount+, which offers subscriptions starting at $4.99 per month for ad-supported viewing or $9.99 for ad-free streaming. Paramount movies have generally had a 45-day theatrical window after which they are added to Paramount+ but there hasn’t been any announcement yet on whether that’s the plan for Jackass Forever. The streaming platform offers a free trial, so once the film is eventually moved to the platform you can give the service a try and look into all that Paramount+ has to offer.

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Will Jackass Forever be Released on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital or VOD?

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Along with there being no concrete streaming dates, Paramount Pictures has not made any announcement on when or if Jackass Forever will be available for purchase on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital or made available for Video-On-Demand. If you’re looking to catch the slapstick stunt comedy reboot your only option at this time is to see it in theaters or wait until the yet-to-be-announced streaming date, whenever that is.

Where To Watch Previous Jackass Movies?

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To set the stomach-churning mood and bask in the nutty nostalgia you may want to rewatch the first three Jackass films or the original television series before the release of Jackass Forever. Luckily you can easily find them online or through apps. Here’s where you can watch the three previous Jackass movies (not including the Jackass Presents ones):

Jackass: The Movie: Released in 2002, Jackass: The Movie was the first feature film created by the stuntman crew. It served as a continuation of the original television series adhering to the same structure of prank after prank with little to no time for audiences to catch their breath between laughs. Alternately, the crew saw the film as an opportunity to do stunts that were not allowed on television, upping the ante and increasing the danger. This film brought in the giant shopping cart that the troupe is known for riding in, along with Ryan Dunn’s unforgettable trip to the hospital after a bit that included a toy car.

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Jackass Number 2: The sequel compilation of skits, stunts, and pranks was released in 2006 featuring the same, lovable cast executing even crazier and funnier feats. With more than double the budget of the previous film, the stuntmen were able to put together such risky acts as Riot Control Test, Anaconda Ball Pit, as well as Johnny Knoxville‘s first run-in with a bull.

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Jackass 3D: The 3D take on the franchise’s antics resulted in audiences getting up close and personal with some of the strangest stunts yet. Jackass 3D was released in 2010 with the same lovable idiots in front of and behind the camera, but with a newly sober Steve O who went above and beyond to prove that he could do the stunts sober. Crew members noted the infectious camaraderie on the alcohol-free set of the wildest and possibly the grossest Jackass film to date.

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