I Am What I Am Movie Review

Narratively, I Am What I Am is a common underdog sports movie, but its hyper-real looking animation will make the film truly worth watching.

I Am What I Am, a Chinese laptop-animated film directed by Sunshine Haipeng, features animation so sensible it can be easy to neglect that it’s animation. Yes, the figures are evidently cartoons that stay clear of the uncanny valley, but their textures and movements are far additional real looking than the normal. Substantially of the time, they’re donning lion dancer masks, which search and transfer just like the true factors. The backgrounds are so thorough that they’re almost a lot more real than truth. The stylized only-in-animation touches, from a brush-painted opening scene to some creative imaginings of non-visible senses, deal with to blend in flawlessly with the sensible aesthetic.

20 many years back, a movie that seems like I Am What I Am could not exist. Even 10 yrs in the past, it would have been inordinately costly, a visual accomplishment only a $200 million Pixar production could pull off proficiently. What makes I Am What I Am downright groundbreaking on top of getting stunning is that it was a low-finances impartial creation. For an indie to surpass even the beautiful do the job even bigger-finances animated films have completed and method the realism of Soul or Toy Story 4 feels like as massive a offer for CG films as District 9 and Ex Machina were for indie distinctive consequences.

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On the narrative front, I Am What I Am is a good deal significantly less completed, but it continue to operates as a sound underdog sports activities film. Other films in the genre have set the typical narrative beats: down-on-their-luck children enter a sporting competition and discover an eccentric coach to assist them conquer or operate all around their weaknesses. Many montages later on, they make a rough but inspiring go for the gold. It really is a tried using and true method, and it finally operates for I Am What I Am thanks to the special sport of selection (lion dancing), interesting cultural components, and the sheer drama of its remaining match.

The most important people in I Am What I Am are “still left-guiding” young people, primarily dwelling on their own in the countryside though their mom and dad take manual labor jobs in the town. Gyun, the major character, is the most made. His emotional depth and anxieties all over his physical frailness are brought to daily life in his conflicting wants to stick to his desires and to pay out the payments for his having difficulties loved ones. His trainer Qiang is also a complex character, getting dealt with related conflicts in the previous and arguably getting built the erroneous choices.

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Gyun’s teammates, Kat and Doggie, are considerably less multi-dimensional and function as comedian aid. Kat is the much more satisfactory of the two, a happy weirdo who equally looks and behaves like a monkey. Doggie, in contrast, is the film’s most distracting weakness. His only joke, and only character trait, is that he’s fat. From time to time the slapstick relating to his pounds is amusing, but the way the film lowers his overall temperament to just consuming consistently and battling with actual physical activity is exhausting to the point of offensiveness. The film’s female people are also lacking depth, primarily current to encourage the adult males.

Cliches and problematic problems aside, I Am What I Am is a sweet crowdpleaser with a thrilling closing act and amazing animation. The movie has been a hit in China and performed positively with audiences at the New York Intercontinental Kid’s Movie Competition. Even more American launch plans have yet to be declared, but those curious about the future of independent animation will obtain a lot to recognize when they get the prospect to see it.

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