Gorillaz Is Turning Its Iconic Animation Into a Movie

Gorillaz Is Turning Its Iconic Animation Into a Movie
Gorillaz Is Turning Its Iconic Animation Into a Movie


The Gorillaz are a special band in the stratosphere of new music, not just with their tracks that take the opportunity to blend various genres, but also with the simple fact that their associates seldom show up as on their own on stage or in music movies, but rather, are portrayed as animated avatars. The figures of 2-D, Murdok, Russel, and Noodle initial strike the scene in 1998 and have released numerous albums that have garnered them a lot of awards and it appears to be as though the band is established to get an impending animated film at Netflix. 

The precise users that are a component of the band are musicians Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett, and Remi Kabaka Jr, who made the decision that they would seem through their animated avatars when the team initially shaped. Even though it might not be clear, the fictional customers of the band have quite the heritage with quite a few storylines and lore surrounding each individual of them, which would arguably make for some excellent storytelling with an animated film. When Netflix has not released any aspects about the future film, the streaming company surely hasn’t been shy about diving into the world of animation and anime in its earlier as it attempts to corner the sector on the mediums.

Twitter Outlet Damon Albarn Unofficial shared a recent job interview wherein the Gorillaz band member, Damon Albarn, shared the news that not only has Netflix greenlit a “total-duration Gorillaz movie,” but that the band is at present in the process of producing the film for the streaming service:

In recent a long time, the Gorillaz built the news thanks in part to an surprising crossover, whereby just one of the new animated associates that was extra to the band originated from the Cartoon Network series, Powerpuff Women. The leader of the nefarious Gangreen Gang from the animated series became a entire-blown member of the Gorillaz in the sixth album for the band, with the musicians them selves remaining mates with the creator of The Powerpuff Girls, Craig McCracken, and obtaining the go-forward from Cartoon Community alone. Whilst Ace is no extended a member of the band, with the qualifications in the lore getting that he was the replacement for Murdoc even though he was imprisoned, he is even now referenced from time to time.

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