Gerard Butler and John Wick Creator Team Up For Action Movie Just Watch Me

Gerard Butler and John Wick Creator Team Up For Action Movie Just Watch Me

An additional beloved motion-thriller novel is building its leap to the massive monitor. According to Deadline, Just Enjoy Me, which was at first penned by Dexter novelist, Jeff Lindsay, will be getting an onscreen makeover. On the other hand, this isn’t the only remarkable information surrounding the new title. Gerard Butler is officially in talks to star in the new film, with John Wick creator and No person writer, Derek Kolstad, connected to adapt the ebook into film sort.

Lindsay authored the title as portion of his two-e book Riley Wolfe collection. Just Observe Me centers all around a Robin Hood-like hero who hunts down all those with a tiny as well a great deal prosperity. Chasing immediately after the .1 {a804659bb65d18cb4a6dc8e7d034c3e09b42584b41147982650930584377f6e7}, the anti-hero seeks to drain the wealthiest of their gross extravagance.

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In Just Check out Me, audiences will stick to Riley as he sets his sights on a single of the most important collections of gems in the entire world – the Crown Jewels of Iran.

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If he wishes to total this harrowing strike, the grasp thief will have to have some help. This is where by Monique, a major-tier forger, together with a crew of fellow intruders, step in. Organized to quit at nothing for his intention, Riley and the rest of his team established out to acquire on the unthinkable.

Sculptor Media (The Marksman, Copshop) will be funding as effectively as manufacturing the feature. Just Enjoy Me is slated to be the company’s premiere movie beneath their new global income division, Mossbank. For Sculptor Media, Warren Goz and Eric Gold will deliver. Signing up for the duo will be Stone Village Films’ Scott Steindorff and Dylan Russell along with Butler and Alan Siegel who will create for their corporation, G-Base.

As for the executive output team, that will be designed up of Raven’s James Masciello and Matt Sidari. Stone Village’s Joel Falderon will co-produce. Just Enjoy Me will as soon as all over again bring collectively Sculptor Media, Butler, G-Foundation, and Raven. Beforehand, the actor and output companies experienced worked together on Copshop, of which Butler also starred in.

In a assertion bordering the new film, Kolstad shared his enthusiasm, commenting that he was “eager to see Gerard Butler bring Riley Wolfe to cinematic life” alongside an “incredible” output staff. As Kolstad is, “both a fan and a mate of Jeff Lindsay,” all those wanting forward to the movie are certain to be in for a nicely-tailored, action-packed thrill ride. However there is no launch day set, we do know the aspect options to start off production for the duration of the fourth quarter of 2022.

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