‘Don’ movie review: Sivakarthikeyan stars in an ordinary comedy-drama that is unsure of its purpose

‘Don’ movie review: Sivakarthikeyan stars in an ordinary comedy-drama that is unsure of its purpose

Immediately after a stoic detour from Health care provider, Sivakarthikeyan is back again laughing and crying, singing and dancing, but he nevertheless simply cannot salvage Don’s humdrum affair

Right after a stoic detour from Medical doctor, Sivakarthikeyan is back laughing and crying, singing and dancing, but he nevertheless can’t salvage Don’s humdrum affair

When a principal character in Don helps make a heartfelt apology to another, we see a poster in the qualifications that suggests “Mistakes are often forgivable if just one has the bravery to admit it.”

It is what the scene attempts to connect too, and it succeeds in doing that. But first-time filmmaker Cibi Chakravarthy zooms into the poster, lest we miss out on the message… he zooms in so substantially that there is no area for subtlety.

This instance encapsulates the problem with the rest of the movie also it provides its messages by way of hackneyed traces alternatively than the screenplay. Don needs to talk about two issues: a) acquiring one’s expertise in rule-ridden, needlessly stringent engineering schools that request to suck the pleasurable out of its learners, and b) celebrating our mom and dad while they are continue to with us. Wait, how are these factors even connected to each oth… let’s not get into that. 

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Firstly, these difficulties are as novel to Tamil cinema as final-about finishes are to Chennai Super Kings supporters (next period, guys… there is generally a subsequent time). Engineering colleges in particular get attacked like a unwilling part-time bowler. Meanwhile, the Father Sentiment, although a rather lesser-applied weapon than the Mom Sentiment, can inflict enough cringe.

Secondly, the screenplay does not even care significantly about the things the film wishes to converse about. Instead, it mainly fills the time with the antics of its protagonist, Chakravarthy (Sivakarthikeyan) in his battle of just one-upmanship over his college or university principal Bhoominathan (SJ Suryah). Even this conflict is thoroughly set up only soon after an hour into the movie. Until then, we have to sit by way of a slew of confront-palming, groan-inducing comedy. 

Samples for your perusal: a) SJ Suryah catches a couple romancing inside the higher education. He exhibits a Dairy Milk Silk wrapper as an proof to one particular of his assistants, Munishkanth. And, we hear S Janaki’s well known moaning appears from ‘Nethu Rathiri Yamma’. Since Silk, ‘Silk’ Smitha… gettit? b) Sivakarthikeyan reconciles with Priyanka Arul Mohan right after a conflict. He asks her out for a day. She suggests okay and proceeds to give him… a date fruit.


Director: Cibi Chakaravarthi

Forged: Sivakarthikeyan, Priyanka Arul Mohan, SJ Suryah, Samuthirakani, and much more

Runtime: 2 hr 45 min

We also get oneliners like, “Ex ku edhukku excess feelings?”, problems about faculty canteen foods, frustrations about ‘boy besties’… things that are supposedly the worries of our youth. If the movie contends that pupils in engineering faculties are struggling with a difficulty, we really never truly feel that.

Then, there is the underexplored father-son angle amongst Samuthirakani and Sivakarthikeyan. The movie introduces Samuthirakani as an unloving father, who appears to be perennially pissed off with son. He slaps his son on his to start with day at college. He shaves his head when the latter would like to sport a flamboyant hairstyle like his on-screen idol Rajinikanth. When the boy falls off his bicycle, he attends to the bicycle. It is an exaggerated version of how Samuthirakani behaves with Dhanush in the to start with 50 percent of Velai Illa Pattadhaari.

Just like in VIP, listed here as well, he receives an outburst from his son for not currently being a good father . But the movie, towards its conclusion, attempts to glorify this harmful parenting, demonstrating scenes where by his father suppresses his enjoy only to not spoil his son. These father-son portions are also not very well-fleshed out for a film that ends with a information about cherishing mothers and fathers.

Priyanka Arul Mohan will get a heroic introduction, but largely exists in the film just to inspire the hero. The passionate sub-plot involving her and Sivakarthikeyan, far too, contains of generic scenes.

Just after a stoic detour in Physician, Sivakarthikeyan is again laughing and crying, singing and dancing, and somehow makes the movie bearable to an extent. Some of his scenes with SJ Suryah (whose character is also largely just one-take note) get the job done very well. Anirudh does musical gymnastics, hoping to hefty-carry the scenes with his qualifications score, but all these supporting components fall short to salvage a screenplay with a weak plot.

On getting into the cinema corridor for the 8 am display of this movie, a fellow movie-goer, who’d viewed the 4 am show, supplied his one-line evaluate, unasked. “Padathula kadhai ellaam edhum illa, bro. Chumma jolly ah paakalaam.”

Properly, at the very least one particular part of his evaluation was appropriate.

Don is at this time functioning in theatres