7 Movies Like The Lost City For More Exciting Adventures

7 Movies Like The Lost City For More Exciting Adventures

The Lost City is a romantic adventure comedy that stars Sandra Bullock as Loretta Sage, a reclusive author of romance-adventure novels. When Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) who believes she knows the location of a mythical priceless treasure, the dimwitted cover model of Loretta’s books Dash McMahon (Channing Tatum) attempts to rescue her, leading to an adventure on a remote Atlantic Island.

Directed by Adam and Aaron Nee, also known as the Nee Brothers, The Lost City is an entertaining romantic adventure that features great chemistry between Bullock and Tatum. Here is a list of seven romantic adventure films like The Lost City that film fans will enjoy.

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Romancing the Stone

Directed by a pre-Back to the Future Robert Zemeckis, Romancing the Stone tells the story of lonely romance novelist Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) who must reluctantly team up with rugged American hunter Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) as they search for a priceless jewel in the jungles of Colombia.

A high bar in 1980’s romantic adventure moviemaking, Romancing the Stone shines due to the strong chemistry between Douglas and Turner, the formidable duo delivering on the romance and adventure fronts, with a particular knack for physical comedy while delivering the whip-smart dialogue written by Diane Thomas, who unfortunately passed away not long after the film was released. Zemeckis, in what would be his breakthrough film, brings a technical flair to the adventure and fantasy moments in Romancing the Stone, resulting in a highly entertaining romantic adventure.


Crocodile Dundee

An unlikely box-office success story that earned an Oscar nomination and gave a jolt to the Australian tourism industry, Crocodile Dundee also turned lovable Aussie TV comedian Paul Hogan into a global star. He stars as Michael J. Dundee, a legendary crocodile hunter in outback Australia who draws the attention of American journalist Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski). After an adventure in the outback, Dundee is whisked away to an altogether different jungle: New York City.

Directed by Peter Faiman, Crocodile Dundee is a fish out of water romantic adventure that works thanks to the charming, down-to-earth performance by Hogan, who gave the 1980s a different kind of leading man. The chemistry between Hogan and Kozlowski was so palpable that the pair got married in real life, while Hogan’s script filled with witty one-liners became embedded in pop culture.

Fool’s Gold

A sun-drenched rom-com adventure on the high seas, Fool’s Gold featured the reunion of 10 Things I Hate About You stars Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson as a divorced couple brought back together in a search for sunken Spanish treasure. That is if a rival treasure hunter played by Ray Winstone doesn’t get there first.

Although Fool’s Gold received negative reviews upon release, there is no denying the chemistry between McConaughey and Hudson, with the pair often engaging in easy exchanges of dialogue while winning the crown of the most aesthetically pleasing couple in a romantic adventure movie. Director Andy Tennant captures not only the tanned and toned figures of his movie stars but also the lush beauty of the film’s Queensland, Australia location resulting in a visually gorgeous romantic adventure.

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Jungle Cruise

Based on the popular Disney ride of the same name, the 1916-set Jungle Cruise stars Emily Blunt as Dr. Lily Haughton, an eccentric botanist who enlists cynical steamboat skipper Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson) to travel down the Amazon River in search of the mythical Tree of Life.

A fun family adventure that has an old-school charm, Jungle Cruise works thanks to the combination of Emily Blunt as a virtuous scientist and Dwayne Johnson as, well, Dwayne Johnson with a sailor hat. Presented with all of the big-budget sheen that Disney can muster, director Jaume Collet-Serra injects plenty of heart and a rollicking adventure that reminds us of classic adventure tales of the past, in doing so successfully making us forget that Jungle Cruise is essentially a multi-million-dollar marketing exercise for an amusement park ride.

Knight and Day

A romantic adventure with an espionage twist, Knight and Day stars Tom Cruise as Roy Miller, a rogue super-secret-agent who has in his possession an item that every bad guy wants to get their hands on. Along for the ride is June (Cameron Diaz) a car mechanic caught up in the roller coaster of espionage and gunfire.

Director James Mangold establishes a light and breezy vibe throughout Knight and Day, combining entertainingly choreographed action with slapstick comedy that reminds us of the screwball comedies of yesteryear, only with more explosions. The pairing of Cruz and Diaz, who previously worked together on Vanilla Sky, works very well with her bubbly vibe meshing with his charming intensity. During a year when several couples-on-the-run action comedies were released (including The Bounty Hunter, Date Night, and Killers), Knight and Day proved to be the best with its palpable chemistry and fun sense of adventure.

Six Days Seven Nights

Starring the unlikely pairing of Harrison Ford and Anne Heche, Six Days Seven Nights tells the story of an editor of a New York fashion magazine (Heche) who, while on vacation in the South Pacific, hires a free-spirited pilot (Ford) to fly her to Tahiti for a work assignment. A sudden thunderstorm causes them to crash land on a deserted island, resulting in the pair trying to find their way home while falling in love in the process.

Directed by the late Ivan Reitman, Six Days Seven Nights works because of the easy chemistry between Ford and Heche, with Ford especially good in a light-hearted role that plays to his strengths as a romantic leading man.

African Queen

A golden age Hollywood classic that set the standard for every romantic adventure movie that followed, The African Queen stars Katherine Hepburn as Rose Sayer, a Methodist missionary who, during the early days of WWI, finds herself stranded in German East Africa. She hitches a ride upstream from Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart) the boozing captain of the riverboat The African Queen, whose rough-and-ready demeanor collides with Rose’s prim and proper manner.

Starring two of the most iconic figures in Hollywood history, the John Huston directed The African Queen is a prime example of classic Hollywood filmmaking at its most adventurous. Shot in extreme conditions in Central Africa and driven by Huston’s mad genius, The African Queen is further buoyed by the performances of its two legendary actors whose differing personalities manifest in their characters to thrilling results.


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