30 Best Romantic Movies On Netflix 2021- Love Movies On Netflix

30 Best Romantic Movies On Netflix 2021- Love Movies On Netflix


Picture this: You’re curled up on the couch with your partner ready for a steamy, entertaining movie night. You’ve popped some buttery popcorn, poured a glass of red wine, donned your comfiest pajamas. The lovey-dovey vibes are all there. The only thing that’s missing is a romantic movie to play on your TV, of course. And the one platform that has pretty much every kind of love-related movie you could ever want to stream? Netflix.

But you don’t want to waste your at-home date night scrolling through the streaming platform’s entire romance selection (not hot). Luckily for all you lovebirds, this list was curated to include only the best romance movies on Netflix—from the tearjerkers to the LOL-worthy watches.

For example, Titanic is a classic romance movie based on a (somewhat) true story, making it a perfect watch for couples who love history and ugly crying. For a more modern take on love, Always Be My Maybe is a lighter fare, starring stand-up comedian Ally Wong and actor Randall Park (Fresh Off The Boat) as childhood friends-turned-lovers. And if you’re into the hormonal throes of teen love, try The Kissing Booth, featuring actress Joey King (The Act) and actor Jacob Elordi (Euphoria) as two high schoolers navigating the drama of a forbidden romantic relationship. (And yes, it all culminates at an actual kissing both—so retro!)

Without further ado, enjoy all the silver screen smoocheroos with these 30 best love movies on Netflix.

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Two unlucky-in-love adults (Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey) find themselves constantly bothered by relatives and friends when they show up to holiday parties single. So, they come up with an unconventional solution: be each other’s platonic dates to all the holiday get-togethers. It works like a charm…until they accidentally catch feelings.


The Perfect Date

A high school student, played by Noah Centineo, needs money for expensive college tuition ASAP. To get some fast cash, he creates an app that allows him to take girls on dates, promising he’ll be their perfect escort in exchange for a small fee. What could go wrong?


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Teenager Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) is a hopeless romantic. She writes love letters to her crushes, never intending to send them. But, one day, her letters get mysteriously delivered to the various recipients (gasp!). Drama ensues, forcing her to explain the, uh, awkward situation to each of her crushes.


The Kissing Booth

Elle (Joey King) and Lee have been best friends their entire lives. Their friendship has rules, though, and a big one? Lee’s hot older brother, Noah, is romantically off-limits for Elle. But, that doesn’t stop her from having a crush…


Set It Up

Two assistants have particularly overbearing bosses. After forming an unlikely friendship, they hatch a plan to get their bosses to fall in love, hoping that the relationship will distract their bosses enough that they can spend less time working.


All The Bright Places

Two teens have particularly troubling pasts, including the recent loss of loved ones. They find solace in each other, though, and an intense romantic relationship begins—but not without difficulties.


Always Be My Maybe

Two childhood friends (Ally Wong and Randall Park) reconnect in San Francisco after several years without seeing each other. They’re both in different places in their lives, so they’re forced to reconsider what a potential relationship could mean after experiencing an unexpected romantic spark.


Love, Guaranteed

A dating app states that users are “guaranteed” to find love, but when happens when a man just has no luck? Well, he takes up a lawsuit against the company, and maybe finds what he is looking for all along.


Someone Great

When a writer (Gina Rodriguez) lands her dream job at a publication in San Francisco, she’s forced to leave behind her friends (Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise) and long-term boyfriend in New York. The movie follows her as she reflects deeply on the relationships she’s formed in the city, and if she truly is ready to leave and start a new chapter.


Malcolm & Marie

In this somewhat troubling, though steamy, relationship depiction, filmmaker Malcolm becomes famous by telling the story of his girlfriend, Marie’s, life. The entire movie follows one night in their relationship—it just so happens that one night was a turning point.


Dear John

A Nicholas Sparks movie favorite, Dear John tells the story of Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) and John (Channing Tatum), who meet at a local beach town while John is on military leave. The two fall in love in the span of two weeks, but John must return to the service and leave Savannah behind. They write letters to each other to stay in touch, but a lot changes while they’re apart…



If you enjoy watching the inklings of young love, then Flipped is definitely for you. It follows the life of Bryce, who moves to a new town and happens to fall in in love with his strange neighbor, Juli Baker. She’s not too popular at school, but good thing, she’s found a fan in Bryce.


The Holiday

If you’re in the mood for a winter-themed romantic movie, then you’re going to love The Holiday. When two women (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) switch homes for a Christmastime getaway, they both end up finding unexpected love and must figure out how to move forward.



In this steamy college-themed romance, two students meet at university and quickly develop a friendship-turned-hate-turned-love kind of relationship. But, with one of them harboring a secret, it could change the course of their romance forever.


Letters To Juliet

When a couple travels to Verona, Italy for a long-term stay, the woman (Amanda Seyfried—yes, again!) gets involved in a plan to find an older woman’s long-lost lover from the year 1957. Drama ensues, and some characters find unexpected romance in the process. Sounds about right.


6 Years

An independent film romance, this move follows the relationship of high school sweethearts who have been together for six years. As they get older, their relationship becomes harder to maintain, and as a result, they must reevaluate what they mean to each other.


Marriage Story

Not necessarily a romance, per se, Marriage Story chronicles a couple’s divorce, yet still shows the love these former spouses have for each other in spite of their marital crises. In short, if you love a gut-wrenching story, this one’s for you.



Face it, Twilight is everyone’s favorite (but secret) science-fiction romance. It tells the love story of Edward, a vampire, and Bella, a human, as they navigate how they can exist in each other’s world without hurting the people they care about in the process.


Silver Linings Playbook

As two people—played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence— figure out how to live with their respective mental illnesses and traumas, they take a liking to each other. The result? An intriguing if, at times, tumultuous romance that no one around them quite understands, but learns to appreciate regardless.


A Cinderella Story

Yup, it’s everyone’s favorite teen romance movie. A new take on the classic Cinderella tale, Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray star as a modern day Cinderella and Prince Charming living in Los Angeles. They attend a high school where nobody quite accepts them for who they really are—until they find each other.


The Half Of It

A high schooler who feels lost and misunderstood in her particularly small town finds herself in the middle of an unpredictable love triangle. While she may not get the initial romance she was seeking, she finds a different kind of love in the process.


Alex Strangelove

Alex Truelove has everything: He’s the student body president, maintains a perfect GPA, and is going out with an amazing girlfriend. One thing he struggles with, though, is his sexuality— and this film shows how he grapples with that in order to find himself.


Five Feet Apart

Starring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson, two chronically ill teens with cystic fibrosis meet and develop a close bond in spite of their inability to be physically near each other. This film’s a tear-jerker for sure.


Falling Inn Love

After losing her job and her partner in San Francisco, one woman moves to New Zealand to run a downtrodden community inn. In true rom-com fashion, she falls for the guy who’s helping her make renovations.


Really Love

In this steamy romance, one woman falls in love with a talented artist after seeing some of his work. But loving an artist isn’t easy—they must figure out how to balance the complexities of their relationship with his dedication to his creative outlet.


Love Hard

In this movie, one guy creates a fake dating profile in hopes of meeting the girl of his dreams. When said girl flies cross-country to meet him, however, she realizes that he was catfishing her and instead enlists his help to land the guy of her dreams. But, maybe she’s already met him?


Something Borrowed

Based on the eponymous best-selling novel, Rachel has a crush on a law school friend but isn’t transparent about her feelings. Now, her best friend, Darcy, is engaged to him, and she grapples with revealing the truth about her desires. Will she risk missing out on the love of her life or stay silent to save her friendship?



Yep, this one is a classic. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, two people from different social classes fall in love on the luxurious and now-infamous Titanic. Little do they know there’s impending doom awaiting them and everyone else aboard.


Home Again

A recently-separated woman, played by Reese Witherspoon, falls for a younger man on her fortieth birthday. He and his friends later agree to stay in her home as they film a movie, so, of course, some light drama ensues with the rest of her family.


Love Don’t Cost A Thing

In this rom-com, a pool boy, played by Nick Cannon, strikes up an agreement with the coolest girl in school in which she pretends to be his girlfriend. But, as the plan works and the guy becomes more popular, the pair must drop all pretenses to figure out what they really mean to each other.

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