10 Romance Movies Reddit Users Think Best Portray Love & Relationships

10 Romance Movies Reddit Users Think Best Portray Love & Relationships

A debate has recently surfaced on Twitter about the lack of modern rom-coms due to many of them being replaced by obscure love stories with unique plot lines that have since overshadowed the depiction of romance that fans crave. The recent release of Marry Me saw fans entertained but ultimately craving a real representation of the highs and lows of love rather than a romanticized version of it.

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The release of Marry Me and the popular debate that surfaced on Twitter prompted fans like Redditor yellowumbrellaz to remember those romance movies that depicted the good, the bad, and the ugly. From movies about break-ups to festive flicks that encompass all kinds of love, here are the best movies for fans of honest love stories that are tired of love being used as a PR stunt.


10 The Break-Up (2006)

From the title alone, The Break-Up doesn’t sound like a promising romance movie, but it offers one of the best cinematic depictions of love through Brooke and Gary’s tumultuous relationship.

It showcases how effort in a relationship goes a long way with Brooke feeling severely underappreciated by Gary, which makes for an incredible breakup scene that highlighted just how vital conversation and compromise are in a relationship. Reddit user [deleted] explained how “the couple’s fight scenes in The Break-Up were pretty accurate” as it pinpointed that built-up tension which can, unfortunately, outweigh the love between two people.

9 500 Days Of Summer (2009)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschannel 500 Days of Summer

There are many important lessons 500 Days Of Summer taught viewers as an unconventional romance, some that are still being debated by fans even today. The movie captures two people meeting who want very different things from each other with the added twist of an unreliable narrator who was completely in love with the main character: Summer.

The movie highlights the saying ‘there are two sides to every story’ as Tom revisits their year-long experience and leads to Summer being highly disliked by fans. Redditor acrunchycaptain was one fan that shared how “some of the biggest debates in [their] entire relationship have revolved around this movie” and the question about how dependent it is possible to be on another person.

8 Friends With Benefits (2011)

Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits is a great representation of modern-day relationships, also known as situationships. It focuses on the idea of commitment-free relationships with all the benefits of being a couple. Jamie and Dylan put strict boundaries in their relationship that allow them to remain Friends With Benefits without complicating things, a common type of relationship seen today.

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Some fans including nightfan suggested that the movie was “very predictable but has likable characters” that highlight how despite having strict boundaries, Friends With Benefits doesn’t always keep feelings at bay. The movie accurately represented how real feelings often disturb those strict boundaries, resulting in two individuals fearful of commitment ending up together.

7 HER (2013)

Theodore talking to Samantha in Her

Her is one of the best hipster movies of all time and is both visually and emotionally stunning with warm tones of color and a quirky plot that drew viewers in. It’s an unconventional romance that captures the prominent role technology plays within the world whilst also creating a raw depiction of love between a man and his artificial intelligence system.

TheFemaleDothDeclare explained how “the entire beauty of the film is that it takes an unrealistic relationship premise […] yet the relationship captures reality so amazingly” through conversations, arguments, and even the premise of lust which is why it remains a great but unusual depiction of growing relationships.

6 Weekend (2011)

Weekend is a stunning indie LGBTQ+ movie that follows two men who, after a one-night stand, become connected. The movie is very much a conversational flick, similar to the likes of the Before Trilogy, and captures the essence of going from strangers to much more when the pair spend the weekend getting to know each other’s deepest and darkest secrets, fantasies, and anxieties.

The movie homed in on how quickly strangers can go to lovers by producing a very wholesome yet open representation of early love. Reddit user [deleted] explained how “it’s the only gay film that made [them] feel feels” by not trying too much and focusing on the art of conversation and connection between two people who were previously strangers, making viewers want to fall in love.

5 Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool (2017)

In terms of great romance movies where an older woman dates a younger man, Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool fits the bill perfectly whilst also giving a wholesome yet heartbreaking depiction of love. According to Quirky_Ad_7325, “the relationship between the two main characters shows that age doesn’t really matter” with the biographical romance showcasing a relationship that goes against the norm.

The movie doesn’t just challenge the notion of dating and age but it also adds the element of social class, nationality and illness, with Peter sticking by Gloria until the very end. It highlighted the harsh realities of keeping certain things secret to protect loved ones whilst also stressing the importance of respect and understanding. It is a heart-wrenching watch that captures the true essence of love even when it feels like heartbreak!

4 The Art Of Getting By (2011)

The Art Of Getting By is an underrated romance drama that perfectly captures how falling in love can feel and the way it can change someone’s whole personality. The movie follows George, who disregards life and school as a waste of time, but when he meets Sally he becomes motivated to change his ways, showcasing the well-known spark that comes with romance.

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The movie captures the way young love can suddenly make one feel excited about the future and reignite their passion for life with the promise of having someone to live it with. JoseUnderTheRedHood explained how they “haven’t seen too many movies as grounded or relatable as this one” in the sense that everyone is trying to get by and sometimes that’s made easier by the art people meet along the way.

3 This Is 40 (2012)

This Is 40

Leslie Mann’s role as Debbie in This Is 40 is among her most iconic characters to date, her relationship with Pete is one that many could relate to, especially in terms of their chaotic family life. This Is 40 abandons the romanticized version of marriage and family life so commonly seen in other rom coms and instead replaced it with reality.

The movie didn’t rely on cheap tricks like cheating but instead provided viewers with an insight into family life that led many fans like marzblaqk felt painted a “pretty original picture of family and what that can mean”. The married couple each had their vices and ways of coping with their children and the chaos of life but ultimately they adored each other and the family they had created.

2 The Before Trilogy (1995-2013)

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in Before Sunset

The Before Trilogy made 3 movies based on two lovers and each one had an incredible amount of realism in terms of love and relationships. The movies are all conversational pieces where Celine and Jesse get to know one another and reminisce about the lives they have lived both apart and together. ArrenPawk explained how they “don’t think anything even compares in realism and authenticity than this trilogy” with the dialogue between the couple being raw and honest.

The three movies are very much a bear all and symbolize the way lovers over the years share stories both together apart, leaving viewers wanting more after each movie with the romance taking place over 18 years. All 3 movie are great depiction of love through the conversations shared between Celine and Jesse that explores distance and the emotions that come with love in a raw and honest way.

1 Love Actually (2003)

Aurélia talks to Jamie at her restaurant in Love Actually

Love Actually is a quintessentially British movie that is a must-watch Christmas film for many brits but the movie is much more than a festive flick with it accurately represents different types of love. It looks at romances with class differences, love stories with language barriers and even love after loss with chudez stating that “the movie for [them] that actually shows what love is like is, uhm… Love Actually“.

The movie provides the viewer with different versions of love and romance but in a very real way by showcasing the barriers many face in relationships and the impact support systems can have on one’s life which is essentially what real relationships are built on!

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