10 Comedy Movies To Look Forward To In 2022

10 Comedy Movies To Look Forward To In 2022


As there are still movies delayed from 2020 due to the pandemic, 2022 is one of the most packed years in cinema history. But while movie theatres are stacked with huge blockbusters and superhero movies all year round, there are also a great number of mid-budget comedies.

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Between the Jackass crew getting back together, Nicolas Cage playing a fictionalized version of himself, and a musical sequel to Bob’s Burgers, there some bizarre comedies on the release schedule. But there are just as many schmalzy and uplifting romcoms too.

10 Jackass Forever

jackass 4 johnny knoxville

Jackass Forever comes 12 years after the third movie, and where the series is all about a group of friends performing the most ridiculous stunts possible, they’re all much older now. But that just makes both the stakes and entertainment so much higher. The gang isn’t pulling its punches either, as some of the revealed stunts are the most dangerous yet.

The movie is so wild that some Jackass Forever stunts were rejected by the studio and Johnny Knoxville was even hospitalized just two days into principal photography. But what’s most exciting and rather ironic is that, where all these cinematic movies are getting day-and-date streaming releases, Jackass Forever is exclusively in theatres.

9 The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent

Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

At this point in his career, Nicolas Cage is known more for being a meme than an actor. He is an Academy Award-winning actor and starred in tons of classic ’90s action flicks, but now Cage appears mostly in direct-to-video movies. However, that’s exactly why The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent could be an ingenious meta-comedy.

The movie sees Nicolas Cage playing a fictionalized version of himself. In the movie, Cage has to get out of sticky situations by using methods he learned from the action heroes he played over the decades. Surprisingly, it looks like the biggest and most explosive action movie Cage has starred in since the ’90s.


8 The Lost City

The Lost City Brad Pitt cameo Sandra Bullock Channing Tatum

There’s so much going on in The Lost City, as it follows a romance novelist who gets caught up in a kidnapping attempt with her cover model, and in a jungle no less. With the newly released trailer, it looks like a Tropic Thunder-like over-the-top adventure movie.

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The Lost City is full of characters who are used to having everything done for them, but they have to roll up their sleeves and take on waves of henchmen themselves. The movie was originally called The Lost City of D, but it was probably changed so that general audiences don’t confuse it with or think it’s a sequel to The Lost City of Z.

7 Marry Me

jennifer lopez owen wilson marry me movie

The movie follows a Latin pop star who decides to marry a stranger (who was holding up a ‘Marry Me’ sign) after finding out that her partner has been having an affair – and stars two powerhouses of the genre: Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. Expect the usual rom-com goodness, especially around unexpected pairings!

Interestingly, though the majority of comic book adaptations are in the superhero genre, Marry Me is actually based on the graphic novel of the same name. But it’s unlikely that the film will be the start of a cinematic universe.

6 Legally Blonde 3

Elle Woods is arguably Witherspoon’s best role, and what could have been a fluffy story about a ditzy law student became a global sensation thanks to the inspiring and charming Elle (and her adorable dog). There’s so much heart to the movie (and who doesn’t love to see a heroine realize her worth?) that it inspired a sequel and a Broadway show.

Legally Blonde is what made Reese Witherspoon a star all the way back in 2001, and though she has been in tons of great movies in the interim, it’s Legally Blonde 3 that fans have been waiting for. Legally Blonde 3 has been a long time coming, and it has suffered the most out of every movie when it comes to the pandemic, as it was set for release two years ago, but it finally arrives in May.

5 The Man From Toronto

Man From Toronto Set

Kevin Hart is getting into a pattern of teaming up with other household names for buddy-cop-type movies. Whether it’s Central Intelligence with Dwayne Johnson or Ride Along with Ice Cube, odd couple movies are becoming Hart’s bread and butter.

That’s no different in 2022, as The Man From Toronto will see the comedian pair up with Woody Harrelson. The movie takes an interesting approach to the genre, as it sees a screw-up reluctantly join forces with an assassin after they are confused for one another during a stay in an Airbnb.

4 Dog

Channing Tatum in Dog

Channing Tatum has been out of the game for a little while, as he hasn’t had a major live-action role in five years, but between The Lost City and now Dog, 2022 is shaping up to be the actor’s year. The road trip movie sees an army ranger traveling cross-country with a military working dog, and they don’t exactly get off on the right foot.

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The dog is on its worst behavior, but as the ranger slowly learns how to train the dog, the Belgian Malinois becomes the man’s best friend. And though it’s technically a comedy, it’s definitely looking like it’ll be a tear-jerker too. Hopefully, the end is less heartbreaking than Marley and Me.

3 Shotgun Wedding

Jennifer Lopez isn’t just starring in one rom-com in 2022, but two, as Shotgun Wedding also sees the singer in the lead role. But Shotgun Wedding isn’t just like any old romantic comedy, as there’s a unique action element to it too.

The movie sees an engaged couple take their families to the perfect wedding destination just as they get cold feet. However, right at the point where they hate each other most, their families get taken hostage. It’s almost like a romantic comedy version of Die Hard, and ironically, it’ll probably be much more in keeping with Die Hard than the last two movies in the series.

2 The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Bob's Burgers The Movie

Movie sequels to TV shows don’t have the best reputation, but The Bob’s Burgers Movie has been made at the very peak of the show’s brilliance. Bob’s Burgers is currently the best animated show on the air, so not much can keep the dry humor, pop culture references, and ridiculous characters in the movie from being just as entertaining.

Not only that, but the movie isn’t just going to be a feature-length episode, but it’s going to have a massively increased production value with all of the cinematic bells and whistles too. The movie will still have that unique hand-drawn aesthetic, but it’s a musical too.

1 I Want You Back

Peter and Emma sit on a park bench in I Want You Back

Playing the most eccentric character in the beloved It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and having the most animated voice, Charlie Day has a huge range of movie roles under his belt. Whether it’s voicing a monster in a Pixar movie or playing a mad scientist in Pacific Rim, Day is all over movie theatres and streaming services. And I Want You Back is the newest rom-com with Day in the lead role.

What makes the movie so exciting is that the narrative sounds exactly like one of Charlie’s schemes from Always Sunny. In the upcoming Amazon original, two people try to win back the exes that dumped them, but they do it by trying to sabotage their current relationships.

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