10 Comedies That Are Funnier On A Rewatch

10 Comedies That Are Funnier On A Rewatch


There are few things as enjoyable as a good comedy film. All the better if it can keep you coming back, managing to make you laugh just as much, or even more. The sign of a classic comedy movie is whether it can stand up to repeat viewings, even when you know that the punchline is coming – no easy task.

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The most hilarious and successful films can bring the chuckles even after multiple rewatches. While some comedy movies are only good for one or two viewings, some still hold up no matter how many times that you watch them.

10 Forgetting Sarah Marshall Is Hilarious From Start To Finish

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Cast.

Most of the Judd Apatow produced films of this era still hold up today. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, written by and starring Jason Segel, still feels fresh after subsequent viewings. Forgetting Sarah Marshall features a timeless premise, enchanting setting and unforgettable characters. A true modern classic.

While enjoyment may depend on how much fans love the comedy stylings of Russell Brand, Forgetting Sarah Marshall will be popular with such fans. The sub-plot featuring a puppet musical based on Dracula also never fails to elicit laughs as undying as the vampiric count himself.

9 Superbad Was A Generation Defining Comedy

Superbad Main Cast.

Once every ten years or so, a comedy film comes along that takes the world by storm. They enter the shared cultural zeitgeist like none other, coming to symbolize an entire generation. Superbad was one such film. Endlessly quotable, Superbad featured hilarious dialogue and unforgettable scenes of teenage angst.

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While younger audiences may find it slightly dated, Superbad has gone down as one of the defining pieces of cinema. Revisiting Superbad not only proves just how knee-slappingly funny it remains, but is a nostalgic time capsule to a bygone time.

8 Annie Hall Shows A Comedic Genius At The Top Of Their Game

Woody Allen Annie Hall.

The vast majority of Woody Allen’s 70s comedy output is close to flawless. Annie Hall is without a doubt the most re-watchable, as the sharpest, funniest film in a catalogue of those similar. Almost every scene is guaranteed to repeatedly split fan’s sides.

Not only is Annie Hall hilarious, but it is emotionally gripping, heart-wrenching, and showcases actors who are at the peak of their immense talents. There is a reason why it won so many Academy Awards, and why Annie Hall is still highly regarded as one of the best films ever made.

7 Swingers Introduced The World To Multiple Titans Of Comedy

Swingers Poster Vince And Jon.

Few films in history can claim to have introduced so many great, well-loved, and successful bastions of a genre as the 1996 comedy-hit Swingers. The immense talents of future stars like Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingston, and Doug Liman were showcased. It is no wonder why almost every single line in Swingers is endlessly quotable and hilarious.

Swingers has impeccable comedic stylings and peerless writing talents that made Favreau so successful in subsequent years. Paired with an ensemble cast almost unmatched to this day, Swingers will have fans eating up every line. Fans can certainly say Swingers is better on a rewatch.

6 Shaun Of The Dead Is As Brilliant Today As It Ever Was

Shaun Of The Dead Cast.

Fresh off the heels of creating cult-classic TV show, Spaced, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright would bring their talents to the silver screen with Shaun Of The Dead. The “rom-zom-com” is so drenched in hilariously gratuitous violence, that Shaun Of The Dead peaks the horror/comedy genre to this day.

It is rare for a film to so successfully mix the two genres of horror and comedy together. Either genre usually hampers the effectiveness of the other, but not here. Shaun Of The Dead is a masterclass in both genres and is as brilliantly terrifying as it is endlessly bingeable and laugh-inducing.

5 Groundhog Day Never Gets Old, Even After Endless Viewings

Bill Murray Groundhog Day.

Harold Ramis and Bill Murray’s seminal 1993 masterpiece Groundhog Day is hilarious and re-watchable. So much so, that Groundhog Day manages to entice its audience into a never-ending loop of binging. Groundhog Day has formed the backbone of careers for all involved and is still highly regarded.

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With a career as classic as Murray’s, it takes a lot to stand out from the many great films that he has been a part of. But the unique, supernatural premise of Groundhog Day is far too tantalizing to watch only once.

4 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Will Have You Laughing And Singing Along Forevermore

South Park The Movie Poster.

South Park has come a long way since its first feature-length movie was released over twenty years ago. Bigger, Longer & Uncut is one of the high-points of South Park’s long and illustrious history. A foul-mouth musical, Bigger still holds up today as being as outrageous, hilarious, and memorable as ever. The songs are still as infectious, and the jokes still hit with the same force. It is no surprise that South Park is still going strong when its history contains material as strong and everlasting as this.

3 This Is Spinal Tap Wrote The Book On How To Do An Original, Endlessly Quotable Mockumentary

This Is Spinal Tap.

1984’s seminal mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap, was so brilliantly written and performed that many musicians of the time thought that it was a documentary about a real band. It takes a highly talented cast to create something so believable, yet so hilarious.

This Is Spinal Tap has quotes that have become part of our daily lexicon. Spinal Tap still manages to crack audiences up on a rewatch.

2 Clerks Spawned A Legacy And Career Still Going Strong To This Day

Clerks Dante And Randal.

Starting off Kevin Smith’s career with a bang, Clerks is still as good today as it was when it was released almost thirty years ago. The dialogue is still shocking and hilarious, the characters are still as relatable and engaging as ever, and fans are still clamoring for more.

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With many connected films in the View Askewniverse released since, and Clerks III scheduled for release in 2022, the love for Clerks cannot be underestimated among its many fans.

1 Monty Python And The Holy Grail Is A Certified Cult-Classic With A Hardcore Fanbase

Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

Almost everything ever produced by the iconic British comedy troupe Monty Python is endlessly re-watchable. 1975’s Holy Grail has the most dedicated fans. Often credited for inspiring generations of would-be comedians, Holy Grail is often referenced and homaged in countless subsequent projects. Holy Grail is still as hilarious after being exposed to the masses, a true testament to its greatness.

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