10 Best Netflix Original Action Movies, According To Metacritic

Netflix is adding some action classics to its library in May 2022, including Dirty HarryDen of Thieves, and Rambo (2008). However, there is also a slew of testosterone-driven Netflix original action films that can help viewers pass the weekend.

Furthermore, just because a movie is sent directly to the small screen no longer means it’s poorly made or non-prestigious. In fact, regardless of genre, Netflix puts out some massive-scale movies with major stars such as Oscar Isaac, Jamie Foxx, and Chris Hemsworth.


10 Project Power (2020) – 51

Project Power is a mixed bag, but it’s a nice diversion in a flooded superhero movie market. Jamie Foxx portrays former U.S. Army Major Art, who acted as a test subject for Power, a pill that gives the user superpowers for five minutes. Art, who possesses abilities on a more permanent basis, teams with a young drug dealer (Dominique Fishback) and a police officer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to bring down the line of distribution.

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The Foxx-led movie did just above average with critics, scoring a mixed Metascore of 51. Furthermore, it did exactly as well with viewers with a 5.1 user score.

9 Extraction (2020) – 56

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction

Not only one of the best thrillers on Netflix, but one of the best action pieces as well, Extraction was a major hit for the streamer right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It stars Chris Hemsworth as a soldier charged with ensuring the safety of a young boy in the middle of a bullet flurry, all coming from different groups going for the same living, breathing prize.

Like Project PowerExtraction received mixed reviews from critics. However, its user score was a fair bit higher at 6.4, which indicates a level of favorability.

8 Army Of The Dead (2021) – 57

The crew planning the Vegas heist in Army of the Dead.

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead was mostly seen as a solid start for Netflix’s attempt at a cinematic universe, and while the prequel, Army of Thieves (also released in 2021), didn’t quite measure up on Metacritic, it too is a fine bit of world-building.

Army of the Dead received a 57 Metascore from critics, which still indicates average reviews. However, from general audiences, the film didn’t receive identical or higher ratings, but rather a slightly lower 5.4, which is still indicative of an average response.

7 Outlaw King (2018) – 59

outlaw king chris pine featured image

2018’s star-studded historical action film, Outlaw King, follows Chris Pine’s Robert the Bruce as he’s made King of Scotland only to be banished by the English. Now, he must collect enough brave warriors to regain his crown from those who don’t deserve it.

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Outlaw King was like Extraction in that its user score was higher than its Metascore. However, the disparity was even greater considering the film’s Metascore stands at 59 (a mixed response) while the user score stands much higher at 7.3.

6 Triple Frontier (2019) – 61

There are movies like Triple Frontier that are better than Triple Frontier, but that’s not to say it lacks merit. Featuring at least one outright shocking character death, J.C. Chandor’s fun actioner has the ability to surprise and entertain in equal measure.

With a Metascore of 61, Triple Frontier holds generally favorable reviews from critics. Furthermore, its user score is also favorable, and even higher at 6.8.

5 Hold The Dark (2018) – 63

Hold the Dark follows Jeffrey Wright’s Russell Core, writer, and student of everything that relates to wolves. When he’s tracked to find the animals that killed three kids, he comes to learn that man is far more of a beast than a wolf could ever be.

The wintry drama did very well with critics, nabbing a favorable Metascore of 63. With that being said, its user score was quite a bit lower at 5.2, which indicates a mixed audience response.

4 Wheelman (2017) – 66

In Wheelman, Frank Grillo stars as a getaway driver for robbers who finds himself on the short end of the stick when he’s hung out to dry for law enforcement to find. Now, the wheelman has to those responsible for his betrayal and, hopefully, line his pockets in the process.

Wheelman is one of the higher-rated Grillo solo adventures, Netflix or otherwise. The film holds a Metascore of 66 and a user score of 6.5, both of which indicate an overall favorable response.

3 The Harder They Fall (2021) – 68

Rufus orders the Sheriff to leave town in The Harder They Fall

Jeymes Samuel’s The Harder They Fall  follows the wonderful Jonathan Majors as Nat Love, a man who watched his parents slain by Rufus Buck (Idris Elba, never more frightening) at a young age. When Buck is released from prison, Love must take it upon himself to avenge the death of his parents.

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Like other Netflix Originals, The Harder They Fall received comparable marks from critics and general audiences. Namely, both received favorable reviews and scores of 68 and 6.5, respectively.

2 The Night Comes For Us (2018) – 69

The Night Comes for Us is an interesting film if only for how much of a standout it is in Netflix’s lineup. The John Wick-like film stars action icon Iko Uwais as a Triad enforcer who gets caught in the middle of a gangland shake-up.

The Meta and user scores for The Night Comes for Us were actually fairly close. Critics bestowed it a Metascore of 69 while users went even higher with a 7.3, both of which indicate a favorable response.

1 The Old Guard (2020) – 70

Mercenaries come down steps brandishing their weapons

The graphic novel adaptation The Old Guard follows Charlize Theron’s Andromache of Scythia, the leader of her team of immortals.

Considering the film holds a fairly positive rep and already has a sequel greenlit, The Old Guard‘s critical and commercial responses are surprising. On the former side, the film holds a Metascore of 70, which is a stand-in for favorability. However, its user score is lower at 5.9, which only indicates a mixed response.

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