10 Best Comedy Movies Of 2021, According To Letterboxd

10 Best Comedy Movies Of 2021, According To Letterboxd


Audiences are always looking for a good comedy movie and 2021 was a year in which people really needed some extra humor in their lives. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the users at Letterboxd have singled out a number of comedies as being among the best movies of the year.

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These movies all found something funny to say even if they were quite varied in their size and their stories. Some tackled serious subjects in surprisingly funny ways while others were content with being extremely silly and outrageous. The result is a number of 2021 movies that were hilarious yet also just great movies.

10 Cruella (3.54)

Cruella the future

Despite there being a lot of skepticism about Disney’s live-action origin tale of the iconic villain, Cruella ended up being a thoroughly entertaining movie. Emma Stone stars as Estella, a fashion-loving young woman who adopts a more eccentric persona to defeat her enemies.

Stone brings her all to the role, making Cruella a funny, charming, and complex character. She is backed by a terrific cast of fun characters and a heist movie feel that help deliver a terrific romp with plenty of laughs.

9 Plan B (3.57)

plan b review

The teen comedy subgenre is not usually seen as the most sophisticated comedies, but Plan B offered a clever and poignant take on the usually adolescent story. The movie follows two teenage girls who go on a strange and hilarious journey to find a Plan B pill after one of them has sex for the first time.

The premise alludes to some topical and relatable subject matter, but the movie never forgets to make the audience laugh and keep them entertained. It is a solid buddy comedy from a much different perspective than usual.


8 The Suicide Squad (3.67)

The Suicide Squad King Shark Disguise Clip

While the MCU has always infused plenty of jokes into their superhero adventures, the DCEU’s The Suicide Squad totally embraces its comedic side with James Gunn’s twist sense of humor. The oddball group of superheroes makes for a hilarious gang of characters to follow through this wild and violent adventure.

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It is so much fun to see Gunn able to play with his most outrageous R-rated sensibilities on a movie of such a massive scale. And it brings in some of the funniest DCEU characters to date, like King Shark and Peacemaker.

7 Encanto (3.74)

Encanto Bruno Pepa and Felix

Disney can always be counted on to deliver a heartwarming and touching family-friendly adventure that also provides big laughs. Encanto is the latest example of this with its magical story about a young Columbian girl who is the only one in her family without special powers.

From the catchy musical numbers to the colorful characters to the vibrant style of the movie, Encanto is another winner for Disney’s animated offerings. And the humor will entertain kids and adults alike.

6 The French Dispatch (3.83)

Roebuck gives a TV presentation in The French Dispatch

Wes Anderson has a very distinct sense of humor that fits the strange and compelling world of his movies perfectly. The French Dispatch is his latest story featuring a typically all-star cast in the exploration of the titular magazine and its unique stories over the years.

The dry wit of the story with moments of silly absurdity help to make The French Dispatch another lovely entry into Anderson’s impressive filmography. Among the huge cast, Jeffrey Wright stands out with a particularly charming and exceptional performance.

5 Luca (3.93)

luca review

Pixar is another reliable source of moving and heartfelt stories that can still provide big laughs for the audience. Luca is the next release from the incredible studio and offers one of the best movie friendships of 2021.

It follows two young sea monsters who take on human forms and explore what life is like above the surface of the water. The adventure of young friends feels more grounded than other Pixar movies, even with the sea monster element and there are laugh-out-loud moments to go along with the sweet story.

4 The Mitchells Vs. The Machines (3.93)

The Mitchells vs The Machines

Yet another acclaimed animated movie from 2021 is The Mitchells vs. the Machines. The family-friendly movie follows the Mitchells, a dysfunctional family dealing with their differences during a cross-country trip when the machines of the world take over.

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Despite the high-concept premise, The Mitchells vs. the Machines is a very relatable and funny story about how families don’t always see eye-to-eye. It is also packed with hilarious one-liners, sight gags, and fast-paced energy that is incredibly fun.

3 Red Rocket (3.98)

Simon Rex's character rides a bycicle in Red Rocket

Acclaimed indie filmmaker Sean Baker continues to build an amazing filmography with his latest comedy Red Rocket. Simon Rex stars as a washed-up former porn star who attempts to start over in his Texan hometown.

Baker’s movies are known for their grounded and authentic feel and Red Rocket continues that trend. Rex makes for a hilarious and complicated protagonist in this surprising movie which is one of the most acclaimed of the year.

2 Licorice Pizza (4.04)

Licorice Pizza trailer Bradley Cooper header

With movies like There Will Be Blood, fans might have forgotten how funny Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies can be. Licorice Pizza is his most light-hearted movie to date in the story of young love set in 1973.

The coming-of-age movie is filled with the nostalgic feeling of being young and in love as well as all the funny awkwardness that goes along with that. With so many entertaining characters and an endless sense of fun, it is one of the most enjoyable movies of 2021.

1 The Worst Person In The World (4.13)

Julie runs down the street in The Worst Person in the World

While it is not uncommon for Letterboxd fans to highlight international movies among the best of the year, it is harder for comedies to overcome the language barrier. That did not seem to be a problem with The Worst Person in the World, a dark romantic comedy from Norway.

The movie tells the story of a young woman’s struggles with her complicated love life. It has managed to connect with audiences all over the world with its clever and funny take on rom-com expectations.

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